About Sash Security Services

We believe that there is no better way to ensure excellence than
to establish methods of maintaining high employee motivation!

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Sash Security Services

(SFHSS) is a 360-degree security elevator which provides all sorts of securities services such as crowd control, construction site security, residential security, retail loss prevention security, event security, mobile or static security and many more. The ideation behind the 360-degree concept is to protect you and make a promise for your safety. Be it your home, office or the event you have organized, we make sure that you are worry free and enjoy your life because we back you well.

Security guards

Being into the industry

For past 6 years we have built a trust around our name, we make sure that we deliver you the best of services and nothing less than perfection. With security officers who are physically fit and mentally alert, we bring you the best of experience when you avail our services. We make sure that your home that has your most precious belongings, the people you love and your office which is your bread-butter is always well-secured. We believe in our men who are well trained and smart to take up responsibilities of your security.

Online and Certified Protection Officers Training (CPO)

Sash Security has joined with a number of training providers to offer our staff the opportunity to complete security related courses. The CPO program is internally recognised by major organisations as an advanced training course for security officers.

We retain training records of participants and also sets reminders for completion of training modules to assist with refresher programs.

Courses can be tailored to employees at all levels and depending on training requirements can be delivered completely online, or in combination with a face to face delivery method.