General Operational Information Continued

The industries strictest supervision standards, enforced by our Officers in Charge (O.I.C.), Field Supervisors and Management Personnel, provide the very best service possible. Strong direction and welfare training is provided.

The sharpest looking uniforms and equipment, together with strict personal grooming standards, provide a highly professionalĀ  appearance to our clients. The uniforms are company provided.

We pay our staff according to the Security Industry Award 2005. Our full-time staff are offered an employment agreement which outlines their appointment conditions, probationary service and pay rates.

A premium pay level, together with an outstanding benefits package, are offered by Sash Security for good work and reporting. We offer employee incentive programs that reward our staff for excellent service to our clients.

All officers are equipped with mobile phones that can contact our operations manager, if needed to obtain client contacts. Additionally, each officer has the ability to contact 000 if the need were to arise.

All of our officers must complete a 4-hour orientation as a requisite of appointment. In addition, while employed with Sash Security. an officer can attend additional training courses. These courses include firearms qualification, use of restraints, first aid/CPR, and apply to become a Certified Protection Officer after a 12 month appointment.sash

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